Planning Success with David Archer Architects

So it’s 2008 now and we are working with David Archer Architects on various projects, but the real triumph was Chiltern Street Hotel. This was a collaboration with David’s preferred photographer Keith Collie who shot all the backplates as well as decent HDR images for image based lighting for each shot.

A whole series of I think eight images went into this successful planning application to turn an old fire station near to Baker Street into a hotel. David Archer always strives for the best results possible and he really pushed on this one! I am glad he did, the result was images I am still proud of today.

Take this one for example….here is a before and after.


The backplate was stitched from nine different images by Keith Collie and getting CG cameras to match this was a nightmare. With close involvement from David Archer we were able to get to it right to produce exactly what he wanted.

Here is the whole set of images.