Olympic Success!

Hot on the heels of the Riverwalk House planning application came Stanton Williams’ bid for Eaton Manor Olympic site.

For this they approached Flic Digital (where I started in 3D!) to produce a fully CG animated film. The animation demonstrated the transition of the site from the existing to:

  • the Olympic phase
  • the Paralympic phase
  • the legacy phase

The key was simplicity and clarity, not being too showy! I headed up just two of us as we planned, designed, modelled and rendered our way to an animation success, and as a quick look on Stanton Williams’ website will show, they got the job!

I must mention my extremely talented sidekick of the time – Oliver Osborne who went on to work for Norman Foster and Partners. His help was invaluable in meeting such a tight deadline.

I was very proud, in just two weeks we gave the client exactly what they wanted, this was a great feeling!

Sadly we are not allowed to show you the animation as it was not created for public viewing and the Olympic authority are extremely strict about what is released into the public domain. You can see a testimonial from Alan Stanton here.

Martin Richardson – Co Founder of Bouncing Light