Moving Card

I had to write about this one, it’s one of my favorites and was real fun to do!

It was designed as a postcard to send out to clients when Flic was moving premises.
A competition was held in a primary school to come up with a concept and out of this came an image of a van driving from one location to another.
This made me immediately think of Monopoly and I saw the image in my head right away.
I set about mocking up a shot photographing a real Monopoly board and soon realised how tricky this sort of photography was. This just didn’t work so I was going to have to design the shot with the computer….time to make some assets.

Every good 3D artist knows you need good reference material to do a good job and with my subject right outside I had no excuse!

From here I set about modelling the the familiar sight around Shoreditch that was the Flic van. It was the first time I had modelled a vehicle and I was pretty pleased with the result. I was a physical model maker before getting into 3D and basically been making things my whole life so it fell into place quite naturally…..


With van made I built some little Monopoly houses, the board, dice etc and then did the texturing. The board needed a map 7000 pixels square due to the close up nature of the image.

With all the assets ready I set about the final composition of my shot… there were a few iterations before settling on a view that worked.


And here is the finished image.. a fully CG scene, all asset modelling, lighting, texturing, composition done by myself!


Martin Richardson – Co Founder of Bouncing Light