Elstree UTC talk

I recently had the great pleasure of giving a talk to a group of students at Elstree, an establishment that offers a creative and technological emphasis and is a great alternative to studying GCSE’s and A levels at school.

The talk (entitled “An introduction to Architectural Visualization”) was a broad overview of what I think is the essence of Arch-Viz and what it means to me. Overall I found it a very rewarding and challenging experience. It made me stop and really think about what I do day in day out and think about how I feel about it. It really brought home and emphasized the understanding that as an architectural visualizer then in theory at least I am an architectural photographer. The link between arch-viz and photography is paramount and therefore an excellent understanding of photography is essential

I would like to thank Clare Deacon and Curtis LeBlanc for their kindness and hospitality.

The whole talk was filmed and and an edited version will be available.