A little bit different….

This was really interesting job, and a real challenge too! Our brief was to create a series of generic looking landscape renderings of the English countryside, to be used as part of a website to explain new EU legislation. The client was Freeman Christie and although the original site has now changed you can see examples of how the images ended up here.

The thing I liked about this was creating a large landscape rendering and overcoming the technical issues that arose. The scene was about 22 square miles and as anyone who is experienced with 3DS Max will know, this can be a headache. All the vegetation and trees were geometry and all proxied using Vray. For the ground texture I created seven different texture maps and they were all incorporated in a Vray blend material and controlled with opacity maps to create the fields.

In a similar vein, i.e. using opacity maps, greyscale images were used to control the distribution of all trees and riverbank vegetation. This way the scene can be populated relatively easily on a large scale – although you do need to be careful as it still requires a lot of memory and time! There are over 76,000 shrubs in the hedgerows alone and that’s without any trees or the vegetation by the river!

Each 3D render was rendered on the old Core 2 Duo quad core 2.4 ghz processors with 8GB of ram.

Here are some of the images