100 Bishopsgate

One of the projects worked on with Miller Hare (for Brookfield and Great Portland Estates) was 100 Bishopsgate, one of a cluster of new skyscrapers reshaping London’s skyline. This wide ranging project incorporated a large set of  still renders and animation shots.

The still renders included ground level as well as helicopter shots. Virtual cameras were matched to the backplate images enabling us seamlessly composite in renders of the 3D model.The images can be seen here on the Wood’s Bagot website.

The animation work also combined street level shots and helicopter footage. Aerial sequences of London were filmed and tracked to lock 3D cameras to the movement of the real camera. With this done we could then render out sequences of the 3D model that would match the movement of the filmed footage. From there it’s just the not so small matter if making it it fit seamlessly in! The finished film was made by River Film London can be seen here.

Ground level shots of the plaza involved green screen footage of actors and a  digital set. A highly specialized robotic camera capable of reproducing the exact same movement was used. First we filmed a pass with many tracking markers but no actors and then the final pass without tracking markers and with the actors. The footage with the markers is then used to camera track to. This creates a virtual camera we can then use to render out the digital backdrop to put our actors into! The finished shots can be seen here.

on set of green screen shootA fully automated camera would replicate the same shot as many times as was needed – a lot!